Why Are You Still Single?

Today I take an online test to find out "Why Are You Still Single?" and get the below result.

thing is that, I never went after someone who is unavailable, sometimes I spent the time on getting known if he is available , sometimes I spent the time on getting known if he also has some feeling. these two kinds of things consumed all of my time though I answered "yes tomorrow" to the quiz "when would you like to get married".

Don't Want To Slow Down

Whether you're working all hours, busy with school, or planning a cross-country move, it sounds like you just don't have time for anyone else in your life...right now, that is. Your timing may be off in other aspects, too. Chances are, you've met that perfect person who just so happens to be married or planning their own cross-country move. So take a step back for a moment. Is there something underlying this? Could it be you're afraid to get involved for some reason or another, and are therefore attracted to people who are simply unavailable?

Whether you're secretly sabotaging yourself or not, try a little exercise. Open your mind to those who are around you (and available!) right now. Then let up on your schedule to let that someone in. That is, unless you want to get married to your goals, and not Mr. or Mrs. Right.