Stock issue

A person jumped off from his home in the high building recently because of the stock issue. Last year, the first 10 months, many people gained a lot from the stock market. This guy had his work to sell some small things before he entered the stock market, and bought this expensive house with loan. Last year, he entered the stock market, and inscreased his profit almost 100%, then he made the living all depends on it. But recently, the stock market turned green, he can't accept the lose, so end his life by this way.

His input is 30,000, his highest number is ~60,000, now 21,000 was remained in his stock account, so the total lose from the beginning so far is less than 10,000 CNY, really small number. But he gave his life.

He was 38 years old, has a family with young wife, old mother and little daughter.

If you can't lose, then dont go close to the stock market. This is an good advice.