Guidepost at the crossing near Shanghai railway station

There're 3 railway stations in Shanghai

1.Shanghai railway station, the biggest one, can be arrived by the underground No.1, trains to many provinces is available there. Previously the station was the unique north end of that line, but in recent years, the north area developed a lot, so No.1 line extended its end, it alts its end of the station and GONG-HE-XIN-LU. The photo was taken at the crossing near it. The Macdonald opens very early, or 24 hours, I remembered I ever stay there to kill time when waiting for the train many years ago.

2.Shanghai west railway station, very small and old one, I ever got off there by mistake once in a cold winter night, very impressive----would nott get on/off there again.
3.Shanghai south railway station, a sweet place to me, for many times, I go home or go visiting hangzhou from there. Previouly it's also old and small, only hangzhou and several cities nearby are available as the destination, but about 5 years ago, it's redesigned and built, very large and beautiful, clean and convenient. It's neighbor is the long distance bus station providing buses to the provinces near shanghai as well as to the touring place like the old anciant towns, actually these two stations are a set of buildings. It can be arrived by underground No.1 and No.3