Animal Show in Shanghai Wild Zoo

Several years ago, we visited Shanghai Wild Zoo, and watched some animal show. Here is some of them.

The Zoo was located in south of Shanghai, far away from the city center. We took the tourist special line at Shanghai gymnasium near XuJiahui District and it took more than 2 hours to the Zoo. we slept on the bus, open eye and check again and again, still on the road, still on the road. when finally arrived, we're very hungry, hah.

Visitors need take the special bus there to visit the danger area for tigers, lions, etc. Bus ran very fast and not easy to take a clear look of the danger ones because they're wandering in the coners far from the road. But the safe area was good, there're lot of birds and other friendly animals. The animal show was also great. We had a look at the performance of dolphin, elephant, dog and dog race.

Notes: since it's in the suburbs, so it's colder there with wild wind. Dress on enough to there.